LEEN wipes

Next to You.

Our Mission

Who we Are?

We are in the business of convenience, we bring freshness and easiness to your daily life.

What We do?

We produce a wide range of quality wipe products that are next to you, anywhere and anytime.

How we do it?

Whatever we do, we do it with respect to our environment, culture and with a sense of responsibility and courage.

Our Values

Leen’s culture code is the operating system that powers our company. We always put people in the heart of our business, and it starts with the people that make up the nucleus of Leen’s family. Our core culture is based on the following set of values and practices that is shared by every single member of our family:


We are a family business, we care for our people and our customers:
“We are driven by a high spirit of commitment and dedication, we act in accordance to our long term vision".


We are passionate entrepreneurs; we take risk and challenge the status quo:
“We make it our priority to continuously work on research and development”.


We are givers and focus on quality and integrity; we make every effort to delight people with our unexpected extras: “We work on building reliability through continuously increasing quality and maintaining a good relationship with our partners”.


We are passionate about our Wipes, our brands and our business. Our Passion stimulates our thoughts and drives us to excellence. "We infuse our daily work with positivity that is reflected in our products, in our customer satisfaction and in our care to the environment".

Our Vision

We work every day to become the iconic brand of the industry. A brand that is next to you.LEEN

Quality and Safety

Your safety is atop priority for us at LEEN. Find out about our smart practices that keep your family safe.

  • Safe Ingredients

    Our wipes are made from ingredients that are thoroughly tested and proven to be safe by European standards.

  • Microbiologically and Dermatologically Tested

    We perform skin compatibility and sensitivity testing in our fully equipped laboratory for all our wipes. From this we can analyze the skin reaction and lotion effectiveness in cleaning.

  • Systematic Batch testing

    Our laboratory staff continuously tests verify and stores a sample from every batch wipes production.

  • Durable Packaging

    We use high quality and durable laminate that preserves effectively the efficacy of the wipes and their biological composition.

  • Monitoring and Feedback

    Our consumer care specialists continuously monitors families, parents and users feedback. The quality and product development team then integrates these comments into future product iterations leading to a continuous cycle of consumer feedback, quality checks, and product improvement.

  • Robust Development Cycles

    Every new product undergeos extensive efficacy and safety testing before it is released to the market.

Our Capabilities

R & D

Custom formulation, scents, shapes; in house product development

LEEN Range

Our range covers all your personal needs

Private Label

We produce a wide variety of wipes up to client specifications

Our Facilities and Team

State of the Art Facilities

Latest Production Machines

Professional Team

Scientists, Engineers, Designers and Technicians.

In House Laboratory and Machine Tool Shop